Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

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Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Flanker 66 on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:29 pm

Be advised that this LP will be very image intensive. If your computer cannot cope, then please proceed with caution. You may need to reload a number of times to get some images to display. Thank you for listening and enjoy.

Hello everybody, and welcome to my LP of the PC version of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Developed by Raven Software and published by Lucas Arts and Activision, Jedi Academy (or JKA as it is known) was released on the 17th of September 2003, and received a positive critical response, with critics praising the fact that – unlike its’ predecessor, Jedi Outcast – you started off with a lightsaber from the get-go, which you could customise to your liking, just like your character (another factor often raised in the game’s favour). However, Jedi Academy’s Quake III engine was (and is) starting to show its’ age, and although it looks decent enough it won’t be winning awards for mind-blowing eye candy any time soon. Its’ AI has also been a source of criticism, with PC Gamer UK feeling that the single player poses little to no challenge, with Force sensitive enemies occasionally plunging to their deaths as they fail to clear chasms while stormtroopers stand in front of you politely and shoot, getting mauled by your array of weaponry all the while.

However, that is not to say that this is a bad game – far from it. Its’ scores have mostly been in the 8 out of 10 and 80% plus range, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wishes to try it. It can be found on Steam and Direct2Drive now, if you wish to get it. Its’ simple yet satisfying WASD + mouse control scheme make lightsaber combat a joy, and switching weapons or tactics never feels cumbersome or impractical. Another point in its’ favour is the very active multiplayer and modding community, a prime example of the latter being JK3 Files. Even 9 years after release, maps (levels), skins, models, weapons and more are being turned out at a steady pace, and it looks set to continue for many years to come. In terms of actual sequels, it seems that the Dark Forces Saga (which JKA is part of) has been left to rest for a while, if not indefinitely. The closest we have gotten to a “sequel” in recent years is The Force Unleashed, and even that is a far cry from Jedi Academy – flashy visuals and over-the-top powers conceal somewhat shallow gameplay in comparison to JKA or even Jedi Outcast (known as JO).

For the curious, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy follows the adventures of Jaden Korr, a student at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum in 14 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin). Learning the ways of the Force under Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, he (or she) gets embroiled in an adventure that could change the face of the galaxy forever.

But enough of that. This is a screenshot Let’s Play, which is because of reasons of convenience (and the fact that my recording equipment would probably be horrible). My voice is also pretty horrid. You – yes, you, the audience – will get to influence which order I play the missions in, and perhaps some other variables if that turns out well.

It should be noted that normal text (when paired with dialogue) means actual conversation, probably paraphrased so that I don’t go nuts (there’s a fair amount of it in this game, and there are no subtitles outside of cutscenes). Italicised text with dialogue means that it is something of my own fabrication. Normal text without dialogue is my own musings. I will keep a Unique Death Count (detailing the various ways that we’ve died, but only if they are unique from each other), a ROSH!! Count (when Rosh is/has done something dumb), and finally a Kyle Katarn is a Badass count (self-explanatory). At your request I may add more. With that out the way, let’s get rolling on this magical adventure!

Episode I: I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

The beginning is the most important part of the work. - Plato

First thing’s first, let’s select the difficulty. From easiest to hardest it goes Padawan > Jedi > Jedi Knight > Jedi Master. Since I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll select Jedi rather than my usual choice of Padawan. Look at me, ma, no easy difficulty!

And this is the character creation screen. You can choose your character’s gender, as well as their species. For some reason, only humans are available as both male and female. The list is as follows:

Twi’lek female

Kel Dor male

Human male and female

Zabrak female

Rodian male

For this LP I am going with female Jaden, who is voiced by someone you might recognise – Jennifer Hale. She provided the “voice” for Samus Aran in the Metroid Prime series. Naturally you can choose your character’s face and clothing with limited presets. I’m going for Granny!Jaden here simply because she’s the least ugly looking.

Here’s a full body image of Jaden. If nothing else, they managed to nail the Star Wars clothing style fairly well while adding its’ own twist on proceedings.

This is the lightsaber customisation screen. Later on you will get to choose two lightsabers or even a double bladed lightsaber. There are many more hilts available, but I’ll leave those until we get to a certain point in the game. Those who have played before will know exactly what I’m talking about. I have chosen a purple blade because only true badasses get to wield them. In Jedi Academy there are 3 styles:

Fast style. This style is the quickest by far and can be chained infinitely to create massive combos that individually do little bits of damage. However, its’ defensive capabilities are pretty abysmal, so you’ll want to avoid getting hit by enemy Jedi. It is represented by a blue line on the HUD. When combined with Force Speed it gets really broken really quickly, as the sheer speed of your strikes will just overwhelm everything short of enemies with a lot of health.

Medium style. This is the only style unlocked automatically. It offers a balanced offence and defense, but it cannot be chained infinitely. It is represented by a yellow line on the HUD, and is my favoured style.

Slow style. This style hits like a truck, and can batter aside most defenses with unrivalled ease. It’s also got the highest defence. However, it takes several seconds to connect whereas the others only take a few seconds at most. You’ll only want to use this if you’re confident you’re going to hit the enemy more than they will you. It is represented by a red line on the HUD.

A neat little detail is that your character’s stance subtly changes depending on which style you’re using.

With that out of the way, it’s time to play the game proper. But first, a cutscene!

As is standard operating procedure for a Star Wars game, we get an opening scroll. Here it is in all its’ glory:

Ten years after the Battle
of Endor, the IMPERIAL
REMNANT continues to
be driven back by the
the Imperials to adopt
increasingly desperate
tactics in the ongoing

Meanwhile, Jedi Master
moves to restore the
JEDI to their formal place
as peacekeepers of the
galaxy at his JEDI
ACADEMY on Yavin 4.

promising student from
Coruscant, is en route to
the Academy after
achieving the impossible:
creating a lightsaber
without any formal Jedi training…

Click for intro cutscene!

A shuttle descends toward the jungle moon of Yavin IV, carrying our heroine toward her destiny...

I have no idea why they used the Rebel trooper rather than the pilot model. That helmet cannot be comfortable in those cramped conditions.


And meet our constant companion through our adventures: Rosh Penin. Unlike many members of the JKA community, I never found him that annoying. Amusingly, he’s voiced by the Jason Marsden, who voices Max, Goofy’s son. Gawrsh. What makes it even worse – or better – is that he uses pretty much exactly the same voice, which can create a bit of a jarring effect. An interesting thing to note here is that the NPC Jedi students are randomly generated with each game using the same assets as Jaden – a nice example of a feature being made to pull double duty. You may notice the Jedi mysteriously changing in some shots. That's because I done goofed and didn't put the subtitles on for the first cutscenes.

Poor Jaden. Not even five minutes into the game and someone’s getting all up in her grill. It seems Rosh has no sense of personal space. Thankfully this won’t be a recurring theme in our adventures.

Savour this moment, you will very rarely get to see a close up view of your lightsaber in game.

Oh well, at least you tried.

Jaden: You seem really nervous.

I can't blame Rosh, really. He's about to join the Jedi, the person he's travelling with has a lightsaber already, and he's going to meet some of the foremost figures of his age. I'd be surprised if he wasn't nervous.

Aaaaand Rosh decides to be a personal space invader again. Real smooth.

Yikes! Yeah, some of the model textures aren’t all that pretty. We'll get a prime example of this some time in the future. For some reason, the camera holds this shot of Rosh gooning at the camera until...

Rosh: Um.... what’s your name?

Jaden: Jaden.

Jaden: Can’t you give me some breathing room?

Rosh: Sorry, I just found myself entranced by your beautiful eyes.

Jaden: Okaaay... that's kind of creepy.

Rosh: Oh, sorry, uh... so, where’d you get that lightsaber?

Jaden: Well, it’s kind of a long story. I found myself on...

And then shit abruptly goes down. Jaden never gets to finish her story, at least on-screen.

We get an assailant eye’s view of the shuttle crashing. What on earth could they be holding, I wonder?

So, Luke’s involved? The plot thickens. Perhaps this is all some sort of pre-entry exam?

Yavin Runner II: I think so.

Uh-oh, who’s this? They don’t look like part of the Academy staff, and I sure as hell don’t remember seeing them on the shuttle, either. As for the Massassi temple, Yavin IV is littered with them. In fact, if I remember correctly, the titular Jedi academy operates out of one of those temples.

Wait, how’d he end up there? Where are the other students? Did they all neglect to wear seatbelts and get catapulted out of the shuttle when it crashed? Did Rosh somehow fall out? Did the students fall into a passing plot hole? I never thought of this sort of thing before, but it’s kind of odd how Rosh is suddenly outside the ship, not to mention the absence of the other students.

Yavin Runner II: Affirmative Academy, we’ll meet you there.

...She’s definitely not part of the academy, is she? This isn’t a test either, is it? Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to take what we’re given and do our best.

Rosh: Hey, Jaden! Over here! You’re not going to leave me here, are you?

Jaden: As tempting as that is... I’m coming, Rosh.

And now we’re in the game proper! Let’s have a quick overview of the HUD, shall we? The red number represents our current health. When it reaches zero Jaden will die, obviously. The higher the number the better. The green number is our shield. It will protect us from most damage, BUT damage will occasionally “bleed through” into the health pool, ensuring we don’t want to get hit too often. The lower our shield, the more likely it is that damage will bleed through. As far as I remember, we’re the only characters with shields. The blue number is our Force pool, which will steadily regenerate after we’ve used a Force power. Force powers drain varying amounts of Force points, so it pays to give this your attention. Finally, there is the yellow line – the style indicator, as I mentioned earlier. You may remember we are currently using medium style.

...Ouch. Just how fast were we going when we hit that wall?

This is the objectives screen. It will automatically update whenever our objectives change. A dot will fill in the circle to the left of the objective when it’s completed.

This screen tracks all of our weapons. Since we currently only have a lightsaber, this screen doesn’t show anything too interesting.

And this screen indicates which Force powers we have. Right now it isn’t too impressive, but later on we’ll have access to truly impressive abilities. These abilities will be our bread and butter for a long time (in fact we couldn't even use a lightsaber without Lightsaber Offence), so get used to seeing them.

Finally, this screen allows you to review which moves your character can execute. When you click on a move name, the representation of Jaden will demonstrate it while some information about how to use the move will appear. If you’re ever unsure of how to do something, this would be your first port of call. Even at this early stage we’ve got a decent collection of moves, which helps show just how varied the combat of Jedi Academy is. Of course, these aren't the only attacks at our disposal - simply by pressing the attack button and a direction we can strike in various ways.

Rosh: Hello? Is anyone there? I think I can hear some Howlers nearby...

We should probably get back to him, shouldn’t we?

Rosh: Hey, Jaden, maybe you can use your lightsaber to make a bridge!

First day on the job and we’re playing glorified lumberjacks. Nothing is going right for Jaden, is it?

It may be hard to see here, but Rosh is packing heat in the form of a BlasTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. Quite why he thought it was necessary is anyone’s guess.

Rosh: H-hey! I thought that the other students might try to take my credits!

Sure you did. Anyway, we'll be getting one of those soon enough.

And here are the first enemies of the game – Howlers! Basically oversized lizards, they don’t pose much of a challenge, although they can do a respectable amount of damage. They have two attacks – an attack where they whip their tongue at you and another where they scream, which can temporarily disable Jaden as she covers her ears. In fact, the latter can be an instant kill if she’s too close. They’re pretty easy to kill, though, and you’ll never see them again past the next level. Threat level: minor.

Rosh: No problem.

Aw, how come he gets to use Force Pull this early?! Perhaps it’s just the Force compensating for the fact that he needs to use a clumsy blaster.

Jedi Academy came about in the era before regenerating health was widespread, so expect to see plenty of medpacks to top up your health as necessary. The medpack’s shield equivalent is the portable shield generator (which restores about 25 points) and the large portable shield generator (which restores something like 50 points).

Here we also get a look at the level design – you have to jump from one bank to the other, and the gap is just enough for you to make it. If you don’t? You can simply swim back to the first bank and try again. It’s a nice, gentle introduction to the platforming that will appear in later levels in a mostly unobtrusive way.

Here’s a demonstration of Jaden’s Sabre Throw and the Howler’s screaming attack. The sabre will return automatically, although it might be knocked out of the air. If that happens, you can either press the primary attack button to retrieve it or wait until it’s returned automatically to your hand. As for the howling attack, it only affects you within a certain radius, which is why Jaden is safe here. You may also notice that the reticule is red. The reticule in JKA has three colours when it moves over an NPC: dull yellow for a neutral entity, green for a friendly entity, and red for a hostile entity.

A fun thing to note is that you can switch the lightsaber on and off at will, and Jaden will have a unique “flourishing” animation for it. In the single sabre’s case, it’s a simple twirl. I tried capturing it but the animation was a little too quick for me to get.

Rosh decides to get the fuck out of there due to some threat off-screen. Jaden, naturally, is a little perplexed by her friend’s actions.

Stormtroopers? What are they doing here? Does the Imperial Remnant have a stake in whatever’s going on?

The Remnant are basically the dregs of the Galactic Empire, still hanging on grimly despite everything the rising New Republic can throw at them. They were a major adversary in the previous game, and will continue to be so in this game.

Jaden: Dream on, buddy.

I always get a little kick out of this little touch of animation, even if her lightsaber looks cartoonishly outsized. Jaden clearly doesn’t want to tangle with those stormtroopers, even if the entity they serve has been vastly reduced in power. Rosh, however, comes up with a good point:

Jaden: ...You win this round today, Rosh.

Rosh: Haha! YES!

Unsurprisingly, the stormtroopers pose as much danger as a wet paper bag. Their AI ensures that in most cases they will stay in one position and plink away at you with their E11s, and although they’re accurate your Lightsaber Defence power ensures most shots will never reach you. They can wear you down through sheer attrition if you’re not careful, though. They come in many flavours – collect them all! Threat level: minus one

This weapon is basically a stand-in for an assault rifle, and it does satisfactorily in all areas. I imagine that for a gun run of JKA this would be your bread and butter, as it does decent damage, has good accuracy, and ammunition is plentiful due to how abundant the E11 is. Speaking of which, when you run out of ammunition a notification appears. When you change weapons, you can no longer access the empty weapon until you get more ammunition for it. It’s worth noting that only one weapon has a usable scope: the Tenloss disruptor rifle, which is this game’s sniper rifle, so don’t expect to be hitting people from across the map with a blaster pistol. The E11’s secondary fire mode is a good panic button, and with larger (or very close) enemies it allows you to pump a lot of damage into them in a short amount of time. I believe it was indeed used extensively by Imperial forces in the film (though it's mixed in with other types). Just don’t try to use it against enemy Jedi, as they’ll probably manage to reflect your shots straight back at you. Speaking of which...

Meet the cultist. Your basic Force sensitive enemy, they are merely competent in all areas. They pose a fair challenge to us at this stage, but eventually they will become cannon fodder to be brushed aside with little issue. They come in various types, and they also like to insult you. Their repertoire includes such zingers as “I thought Jedi were supposed to be powerful!”, “Come and get me, Jedi!”, and the perennial evil laugh. These are an enemy to be acknowledged, if not exactly respected. Threat level: German shepherd.

An interesting thing to note is that when you kill a Force sensitive opponent the camera will go into slow-mo and give a dramatic 360 degree pan. The same occurs when you die. You can toggle which conditions this will occur in with the settings menu; I’ve kept it to the default setting.

Jaden, you sly dog!

There’s something vaguely unsettling about this shot, but I can’t put my finger on it.

And now we get a closer look at the person behind our misfortunes... or rather, we would, if Fatso there could move just a little out of the way. The guy on the right accurately sums up how I would feel if I too were forced to just stand there while my boss does something. Perhaps he didn’t have breakfast this morning?

Uh-oh, it seems they’ve noticed us. It’s hard to see here, but the mysterious stranger is sweeping their sceptre’s beam toward us. Run Jaden, run! For some reason, the guy on the right just can’t give a fuck and looks away like a stroppy teenager while his companion makes like a slacking office worker who’s been caught and looks vaguely startled. You’d think that the mysterious stranger would have better bodyguards, but that’s just me.

...Oh. Looks like Jaden wasn’t fast enough. Okay, that’s it, hope you enjoyed my LP everybody. Don’t forget to comment, read, review, subscribe, blah blah blah.

Jaden: Hey!

Or maybe not.

Jaden: *thinking* Ohmygod it’s really him I can’t believe it *squeals in joy*

Meet Kyle Katarn. He’s voiced by Jeff Bennett in Jedi Outcast and Academy, making him the only person to voice Kyle more than once. You may remember Jeff from such roles as Candle Jack, Johnny Bravo, and one of the antagonists of An Extremely Goofy Movie (Christ, is this some sort of Goofy voice actor reunion?). He also played the Joker in the 2011 Batman cartoon, if I remember my highly technical research (Wikipedia) right. He’s pretty awesome, though we’ll only get a true idea of that much later on. Cool

Also, there’s an unfortunate error in this cutscene – just before it cuts away, Kyle’s fingers clip through the camera, creating the illusion that he’s trying to gouge out Jaden’s eyeballs rather than help her up. That’s no way to treat your students, Kyle.

Something amusing happened here – two characters ended up with the same clothes and faces, with the only difference being their clothing’s colours. Perhaps they’re time displaced clones or something? Also, those two students won’t do anything further and will just stare creepily for the rest of the scene. This will be a problem in some of the other cutscenes as well.

Due to the camera angle, it looks like Rosh is backhanding Kyle. That’s no way to treat your future mentor, Rosh. Either that, or it looks like Kyle’s trying to sniff Rosh’s arm for some reason.

Luke: Do you recall anything?

Jaden: I... I saw three people. One was holding some sort of sceptre and it was glowing. That’s all I can remember.

Rosh: A sceptre? That sounds bad.

Kyle: *pulling Jaden up* Are you able to stand?

Jaden: “*thinking* Nobody gets in the way of me and Kyle! Nobody, you hear me?!

Luke might want to check under the bed for Jaden wielding an axe when he goes to sleep tonight. In all seriousness though, I just got incredibly (un)lucky with the facial animations, which is why I'm now assuming Jaden is Kyle's stalker.

Oh Kyle.

Luke: Kyle, why don’t you... ...get her to stop giving me the evil eye?

Kyle: Stay here and investigate? I’d love to. Why don’t you take the kids back home now? I’m not going to deal with her any more than necessary. You’re on your own, buddy.

Luke: Damn you. Be careful, Kyle. Everyone follow me to the shuttle. And make sure that Jaden doesn’t try to murder me.

Jaden: Stupid Luke...

Elsewhere, we see a Lambda class shuttle leaving Yavin, and we join its’ occupants...

Hey, it’s that chick from earlier... and whoever knocked out Jaden. This does not bode well at all.

Meanwhile, at Luke Skywalker’s hippy commune – er, I mean the Jedi Academy...

Only two of these things will actually happen on screen. Guess which!

Luke: to one Master.

Rosh & Jaden: Booyah!

Kyle: Sithspit!

Luke: Now, let’s begin with your first lessons. And may the Force be with you.

Luke: That’s troubling.

Luke: Consider this revenge for earlier.

Kyle: ...I hate you so much right now. *looks at Rosh and Jaden* How long have you two been standing there? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

Luke promptly walks off, leading our hapless Jedi Master to deal with a complete tool and someone who is a little too attached to him.

Rosh: Master Katarn. It’s an honour to be serving under you.

Rosh: I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.

Kyle: Don't worry Rosh, you didn't. I've been offended by professionals.

Kyle: Now let's see what you two kids can do. Follow me to the training grounds.

Kyle: *clears throat* Okay, listen up. We’re going to test your Force abilities. Rosh, you follow me. Jaden, you take the door on the left. I want you to be as far away from me as possible.

Jaden: What did you say?

Kyle: Oh, nothing. Let’s begin.

And now we’re dumped back into the game. A nice touch is that the rain will hiss and spark when it comes into contact with your sabre. What happens if you decide Rosh is more trouble than he’s worth?

Jaden: Die, Rosh, die!

Rosh: Everything tastes of purple and suffering!

You get a game over and Jaden facepalms in remorse while Kyle ignites his lightsaber and... walks toward the door. As you do. This same animation is used if you fail an objective, even if you logically couldn’t have known about it, which makes it look more like Jaden remembered she left the tap on rather than despair.

Let’s pretend that never happened and move on to the next area, shall we?

Kyle: ...abilities. No Force power is inherently good or evil – it’s how you use them that counts. Each Jedi has strengths and weaknesses.

This is a clever way of mentioning the Force power upgrading mechanic in this game.

There’s a small viewing slot in the side of one of the walls, although you can’t actually see Rosh.

Kyle: In here you’ll practice deflecting blaster bolts with your lightsaber. Destroy the remotes to continue to the next area.

Those “vents” are where the remotes spawn in from. Speaking of which, you’ll only ever see hostile remotes here. They have a single, weak blaster which you can deflect with ease, although they keep moving and are hard to hit due to their small size. They also explode when you destroy them. Threat level: stormtrooper.

After a while Rosh will say that he’s finished, and Kyle congratulates him. After you’ve destroyed all your remotes he’ll praise you as well. I’ve never found out if it’s possible to be quicker than Rosh, but I presume that it’s more or less impossible.

Kyle: In the next room we’ll talk via comlink. Try to get across that bridge by using Force Jump. If you fall, get back up and try again.

There isn’t really much that can be said about this room that Kyle hasn’t already covered, except that for some reason there’s two Howlers tucked into a corner of the map.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but when the reticule gains blue swirls that means you can use the Force Pull or Push to affect it. We enter the next area to see...

He pushes a button and...

...Out comes a droid with a lightsaber set into one “hand”.

ROSH! >=(

With the speed, reflexes, and computing power that can be brought to bear by a machine, surely there's no way we can survive this encounter?

Well, that was easy. And we disembowelled it too – kickin’ rad! This particular droid posed all the danger of a fly, but we’ll encounter them later on as well. By then, they’ll be more of a threat, but I’ll cover that when we get to it.

Kyle asks this no matter how quickly you kill the droid.

Jaden: Nothing.

Kyle: You’re sure?

Jaden: It was *nothing*.

Kyle brings up an important point here – in many levels we’ll come across doors that are locked, and we’ll need to find an enemy who has the requisite key cylinder. Usually this will be an Imperial officer or someone similarly high ranking.

And here’s a better look at the medpack. Unfortunately, you can't "store" them and take them with you for future use. You either use them immediately or not at all.

With that, we progress on to the next room.

Kyle: Sometimes, the path you need to take to progress won’t be so clear. Use your Force Sense to find a way out of this room.

We may look like we’re completely trapped, but if we use Force Sense...

...Two symbols reveal themselves on the wall.

Closer examination reveals that we can use Force Pull to create platforms. If you didn’t want to deal with the hassle of Force Sense, we could have just used Force Pull without it, but it makes it easier to spot.

Speaking of Force Powers, let’s review the new ones we have received.

Like the powers introduced in the first level, we’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of all these powers, although I’ve found that Force Sense’s usefulness drops off after a certain point because they kind of forgot about its’ use in finding objects of interest.

With a hop, skip, and jump we’re now on that walkway suspended above the ground.

While we walk to the next area, we’re treated with some lovely scenery, courtesy of the level designers. It helps make this feel like a real place rather than something designed only for you to run through.

We come to a hall next, and after exiting to the right, we come upon an area to test Force Speed. The doors will automatically start closing when we move towards one, and they are too quick to get to normally. Luckily they reset when we move away from them. What’s a Jedi hopeful to do?

Why, use Force Speed of course! We barely make it even with Force Speed, and you may notice that it exacts a hefty price from our Force pool. The cost of Force Speed will never decrease; rather, we’ll get to use it for longer and we’ll go more quickly.

Rosh: I’m sorry, I...

Kyle: I’m not the one you should be apologising to.

Jaden, naturally, decides that being passive-aggressive is a fine way to deal with things.

Jaden: It’s no big deal. You said yourself this wasn’t a competition.

“Joke” my arse. What was the punchline? "Haha you're dead"?

Kyle: If that droid was set to Luke’s training regimen, it would have killed Jaden. What were you thinking?

Shouldn’t there have been controls in place to ensure that this sort of thing couldn’t happen? Man, Luke really isn’t big on the whole health and safety thing. Maybe that's why he's decided to become a space hippy. The Man can't tell him what to do out here!

Jaden: Save it, Rosh.

Kyle’s right. He did, after all, almost fall to the Dark Side once before, in Mysteries of the Sith I believe.

Jaden: You’re right, Master Katarn. Apology accepted, Rosh.

Kyle: Good, that’s settled. And remember, it’s *Kyle*.

Jaden: Yes, Mas-... Kyle.

Rosh: Sure thing, Kyle!

Jaden’s losing her touch. At this rate Rosh will be ahead in the Kyle Katarn sweepstakes.

Kyle: Okay, you’re both ready to start putting what you’ve learned to use. Let’s see how you do in the real world.

Kyle: Hey, hands off! I got that cleaned today.


Luke: ...thousand years ago.

Kyle: Five thousand years? Are you serious? Wait, of course you’re serious...

Luke: While you’re out training your students, be on the lookout for information regarding a group affiliated with Ragnos.

Kyle: Sure thing, Luke.

This screen shows your stats after every mission and provides a debrief. Since this is the second mission, nothing important to see here.

This is the mission select screen. You can tackle these missions in any order, and you can go on to the next storyline mission after you’ve completed at least four. For the sake of completeness I’ll complete all five missions before continuing, but I’ll leave it up to you in which order we pick them. The missions are as follows:

This is the Force Power select screen, which comes up after a mission has been accepted. Let's look at what's on offer.

To be honest, I've never found this Force power useful. I've mentally filed it under my "useless" folder. Next!

Oh baby, now we're talking! This single Force power is quite possibly the most useful in the game. Although it doesn't seem impressive now, it gets ridiculously handy later on, and I've never played a single run without picking this power up. It helps reduce the drudgery of trying to find a medipack.

This ability is rather pants at levels 1 and 2, but it gains an interesting gimmick at level 3. It's nice to have, but not essential.

Another nice to have power, it isn't terribly handy. But, and this is a big but, it helps remove the most annoying aspect of one mid-game level even at its' lowest stage, and when combined with Absorption at Level 3 it boosts defence a lot.

The Dark Side's answer to Force Heal, it's useful to have (and aggravating to be on the receiving end of), but it can only be used when a living being is around. That, and enemy Force users can counter it, limiting its' utility somewhat.

Another pointless power at Level 1, it becomes more interesting at higher levels, eventually allowing you to toss around opponents while choking them or even drop them into pits. It is incredibly annoying to defend against. However, Force Push can break it.

UNLIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIITED POOOOOOWEEEEERRRR can be at your finger tips with this Force power. It drains Force energy at insane rates, though, and it only starts to do staggeringly big amounts of damage at Level 2 and higher. Still, there's something oddly satisfying about shooting goddamn lightning from your hands.

I've never used this power, as it's kind of underwhelming.

The weapon select screen comes next.

In most cases you'll never need to use this weapon unless something goes disasterously wrong or you feel like a challenge. You always begin each mission equipped with this, just like your sabre.

This weapon is king at long ranges, and its' ridiculously overpowered secondary fire mode is a godsend. However, Force users can dodge it with little trouble. I still take it with me on each mission, just like the E11.

This weapon is okay in a pinch, but it just can't compare to the E11 or the Tenloss.

Avoid this one unless you know you're going to encounter lots of droids. It offers literally nothing that the other weapons can't do better.

The best and most convenient explosive by far. I've never had to use the other two explosives due to how handy this one is.

These would be okay, except for the fact that they have a nasty tendency to explode when you put too many of them close together, and the fact that enemies will almost never come to you. The only practical way to get use out of them is to chuck them at oncoming Dark Jedi.

Pretty much everything I've said for the trip mines can apply to the det packs. Avoid like the plague.

With that out of the way, let's get down to business: I'll let you select which Force Power and weapons I get for the next mission, as well as what mission I play. Please bold your requests. Particularly well reasoned requests (or just plain amusing ones) will get priority.

Thank you very much for your attention, and see you next time on Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy! May the Force be with you always.

ROSH! count: 1

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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Flanker 66 on Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:32 pm

Reserving post for future shenanigans.
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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Gaunt88 on Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:13 pm

Good choice with female!Jaden. This game isn't exactly the crowning jewel in Jennifer Hale's acting career, but at least she doesn't sound like a highschool drama student about to fall asleep in his lines =P

Man, I'd forgotten how much of a creeper Rosh is in that opening scene. I'd also forgotten how dodgy some of the writing in this game is. "A scepter? That sounds bad. >=|" If I remember correctly now, it's only going to get clunkier.

Anyway, I'd say go with Force Heal, the blaster rifle, the disruptor and the detonators. That was basically the loadout I had through my entire JKA run.

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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Flanker 66 on Sun Sep 23, 2012 8:35 am

I'd also kind of forgotten how corny some of the lines are. I can only hope to convey how awful they are in future updates. At least Kyle's got half-way good lines, right?

Don't forget to mention which mission you want Jaden to go on next! And I see that you must have fine taste in weapons and Force powers - because that is what I'd choose. But there's a nagging question:

Question Who influenced who? Question

it is a mystery
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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Doctor Thunder on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:05 am

I know nothing about this game, but I'll definitely be following it. I've heard good things about it; probably from you, come to think of it. =P

Anyway, I'll vote for what Gaunt voted for. That sounds like a pretty well-balanced set of skills.

Hey, we're out there risking our lives every...many of the days!
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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Ud the Imp on Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:43 pm

My choices for the game: Force Heal, Force Grip (if you can choose more than one, if not just Heal), the Disruptor Rifle, EMP gun and Thermal Detonator.

For the missions, Go to Tatooine, as it has the most missions so far. Two for one!
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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Kiri Ame on Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:45 pm

Oh hey, another LP.

I... have no idea what to say or to vote for. Free vote, I guess, if anyone feels really strongly about their choices.

I just feel so confused!
Kiri Ame
Kiri Ame

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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  GameGuru on Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:27 am

Let's go with Gaunt's suggestion. Also, Tatooine, because this is a Star Wars game.

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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

Post  Flanker 66 on Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:11 am

I've heard good things about it; probably from you, come to think of it. =P

Yeah, I have been pimping the game pretty extensively come to think about it... Embarassed

I hope that I can show you just why I find it such a gem, despite its' flaws.

(if you can choose more than one, if not just Heal),

Unfortunately you only get to upgrade one power per mission; however, I'll make your choice count for the upcoming vote.


Yeah, I've been intending on doing a JKA LP for the longest time. After I complete this, who knows? Perhaps I'll do JO so you get a bit of a contrast. I'd just not be looking forward to the first few missions (even stormtroopers pose a serious threat) and a certain obligatory stealth mission.

Anyway, we're going to get equipped with the E11, Tenloss disruptor rifle, and thermal detonators. Force Heal has won by a landslide, and we're going to go to Tatooine. For simplicity's sake, I'll make the update after this next one focus on the remaining Tatooine mission, since no preference was expressed for one or the other. As well, I'll "lock in" our weapons choice until after the next story mission unless you guys feel really strongly about it, since you don't actually gain any new weapons to select until you've completed a storyline mission. That'll leave us with just the next Force power choice to deal with.

As an update, I've already got all the screenshots I need for the next episode, so all that's left is to sort them (so I don't end up posting duplicate images), upload them, and write the update. Thanks for voting!
Flanker 66
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Re: Let's Play Kyle Katarn's Teaching Adventures [Jedi Academy LP] [WARNING IMAGE INTENSIVE]

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