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Post  Doctor Thunder on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:53 pm

Siding with the Troper (erase the Trope-tans from existence and let Ashur rule over all existence for a quicker solution):

* Rogue
* Kyle
* Oswald
* Lina
* Angela
* Isaac

Siding with Sixes/against the Troper (avoid genocide, Trope-tans need a new leader, continue Sixes' experiments in some shape or form, use the information to find a solution, albeit at a slower rate than Ashur's or Langley's plans:

* May
* Lucas
* Raspberyl
* Aki
* Agatha
* Batou
* Zidane
* Guan Yu
* Sandy
* Marvelous
* Vezon (due to switching sides again)

Team "Eh, they'll be fine on their own":

* Kanaya

Team "organics suck!":

* Jenny

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